I have this little odd thought that if Mr. Gold went to have dinner at Hannibal’s, he would right away know that he is being fed human meat instead of whatever Lecter is trying to claim it is.

….and he would still finish the whole meal.

Hannibal has made me want to re-visit that Pre-Incarceration Hannibal / Rumbelle one-shot I did back in the day (like a year ago).  In fact, I might.

Oh I would love to read more of that.

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    Thanks, Viv! If I can get my act together, you might be seeing some for my Fanniversary celebration.
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  5. missblackwood said: I JUST WANT TO FINISH MY STORY NOW.
  6. gingerwhovianrobotskeleton said: Honestly, I imagined Hannibal and Ives having dinner together :D
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    Oh I would love to read more of that.
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